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Where Does the Money Go?

In Spring, 2015, we established the Andy Niebler Brain Tumor Research Fund within Children’s Hospital Foundation and have since been able to fund it with $142,000. We could not have done that without the support of our many sponsors, players and volunteers. Thank you.
This money is currently being used to fund research in epigenetics, a treatment that shows promise for tough-to-treat tumors in children. The new science of epigenetics is exciting because it is an option that doesn’t have to destroy any cells or tissues. Instead, it changes the way the DNA behaves in the cancer cell. The treatment interrupts the pattern of gene expression. The hope is that epigenetic therapies will help the 20 percent of children who don’t respond to traditional treatments for pediatric brain tumors, and that survivorship comes with fewer negative health effects from treatment. This research is being done by Dr Jeffrey A. Knipstein, a member of the neuro-oncology team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

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3on3 for Niebs 2018

This is a difficult post for us to write and has taken a long time for us to get it done because it was a tough decision for us to have to make.

After 7 years of having the 3on3 for Niebs basketball tournament we have decided to cancel this year’s event.

There were many factors at play to make this difficult decision—court availability being the number one factor.

We want to thank Center Court for all of their generous support over the past seven years and hope that we might be able to bring this event back in the future.

As you know, the 3on3 For Niebs basketball tournament has been an awesome fundraising event for childhood cancer research and awareness and we would love to share with you where money raised from all of your support over the years has gone.

Children’s Hospital of WI – $ 127,000
MACC Fund – $ 9,400
Make A Wish Foundation – $ 7,500
Children’s Oncology Services – $ 4,000
Caring Bridge – $ 3,000

A grand total of $ 150,900. That is impressive!

This event was not just a basketball tournament raising funds for a much needed cause—this event gave us something to focus on after a very tragic event and we cannot thank you enough for helping us cope with losing a child to cancer. Knowing we have made an impact on the lives of other children and families going through this same horrific experience has helped the healing. We have you all to thank for that!

This year we had our 2nd Annual Wine Tasting event allowing us to raise another $31,000! So our efforts to raise money for childhood cancer have not ended with us canceling the 3on3 event. Be sure to check out our website towards the end of the year to find out more information about our now annual wine tasting, held at Milwaukee Public Market.

Again, thank you to all our basketball players, sponsors, volunteers, and families for your support. May you all enjoy your summer!

David and Mary Beth Niebler

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