Welcome Bob and Trish Jugglers!

Apr 16, 2012   //   by David Niebler   //   2012 Blog  //  No Comments

Welcome to Bob and Trish Jugglers!!!

Bob and Trish have graciously agreed to come and entertain us all at the 3on3forNiebs 2012 on August 18, 2012.

Bob and Trish are an amazing husband and wife team of jugglers/jogglers.

With skills like…juggling, joggling, unicycling, dancing, teaching, playing, acro-balancing, and more who knows what they will end up doing at the 3on3forNiebs 2012!

You might have seen us at your school, at a running race, on stage, in a basketball-juggling trick shot video, or on a learn-to-juggle video.


We are a pair of high-energy kids, turned college athletes, turned high school teachers, turned gypsy jugglers.

Our mission is to make people smile and inspire others to live more fully and love more truly.

 Check them out here!  

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