One year ago today…

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What started out as an ordinary day,

with the promise of fun,

swimming in the sun.


Turned out to be,

pain, confusion, a mystery.


Not 24 hours had gone by,

and Andy was in surgery, the reason, still a “why.”


Why “my son”, “why him”, “why now”?

That quickly changed to “kill it, but how?”


Phones started to ring, sharing the news,

We all started praying, hoping for a ruse.


We all started looking and hoped to find,

A way to help them put this “behind”


The meals, the cards, the gifts and such,

Were wonderful, an expression, a “healing touch,”


Overwhelmed with “the news” and the gifts so many,

Having not even asked anyone just for a penny.


A year later, here we all sit,

still wanting to help, even “just a bit.”.


Much to our dismay,

We couldn’t take it all away.


So we will do what we can,

continue to support, encourage and love.


And, give Andy a reason to “fight the good fight,”

and continue to look forward to an amazing night.


Where he will be the guest of honor, if he’s able,

knowing his family and friends left nothing on the table.


Until then, and after, we will be…

wishing and wanting and praying to see….

a healthy, and bright, AWESOME, ANDY!



1John 3:18 Lets not merely say that we love each other; let’s show the truth by our actions.












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