Call For Action!

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3on3forNiebs has received incredible support thus far through


and the website:

That support has been critical in building the awareness of Andy’s event.  We are building steam and new registrations are coming in every day.

However, we are going need more to reach our goal of 80 registrations by July 15th.

What we need is for everyone that has heard Andy’s story to engage people and get a team together.

Take that next step beyond…


or “Retweeting…”

and engage a couple people face to face to get a team together or just spread the word.

Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is the challenge: tell 5-10 people that you haven’t already told about 3on3forNiebs.

Then, post on your FB page or Twitter (include the #prayers4andy hashtag)

How many people you have told?


Let’s make it….


Let’s continue to get the word out and get people to take that next step in supporting Andy.


I know it is uncomfortable to ask people for things, to ask for donations, to ask people to play.  But, imagine Andy’s “discomfort” and see what YOU can do.

Remember: Most people don’t donate or get involved because they were never asked.

The worst someone can say is “No, thank you.”


I can be a little uncomfortable, if it means helping Andy, can YOU?

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